Entering Daily Expenses by Employees

Expense Management

This application allows you to manage your employees' daily expenses. It gives you access to your employees’ fee notes and give you the right to complete and validate or refuse the notes. After validation it creates an invoice for the employee. Employee can encode their own expenses and the validation flow puts it automatically in the accounting after validation by managers.
The whole flow is implemented as: Draft expense--- Confirmation of the sheet by the employee--- Validation by his manager--- Validation by the accountant---  receipt creation
Steps to input  expense

 Step1: Login
 step2:  Click on  Human Resources Tab at the top
 Step3:  Click on  Expenses 
 Step4:  Click  Create
 Step5:  Input the expense details by selecting it from the drop down  e.g Product name is the expense type  like Transport Fare
 Step 6: Click Accounting Tab  beside the Description Tab to select your correct  location  account details.
 Step 7: Click on  Submit to Manager
 Step 8: Click on Save
Step 9:  Click generate Accounting entries.
Step 10: Manager Login to approve or Reject expense.

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